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Purchase an autographed copy of Sky Love: A Sky Ink Novel! 


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Annalise doesn’t believe in fables or the Celtic Gods. But when she goes to Scotland to get away from an abusive ex-fiance, she meets Lachlan Macleod, a tattoo artist and owner of Sky Ink. Sexy, smart, and talented, he’s the sort of man that she hadn’t expected to find, but is he harboring a secret? 


An Unseelie prince, Lachlan is not a stranger to the dangers of the paranormal world beyond the veil. 


When a jealous and wicked princess knocks Annalise into Lake Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, Annalise and Lachlan find themselves in the middle of a centuries-long war that will change the fate of their worlds.


Can Annalise and Lachlan defeat the princess and save their worlds?


Chapter One


Annalise knew she shouldn’t have messed with a money tycoon, but Joseph Declan seemed like the perfect partner. Everything about him seemed like all of her dreams had come true. The book, the sexy man with connections to publishers, and her Dad, James O’Callaghan, One of the world’s richest men. Annalise definitely thought then that being the daughter of James O’Callaghan, and the fiance to Joseph, was a grand thing. Annalise learned after she began writing her book that rich Annalise was a spoiled brat. Annalise would have rather been the Annalise that worked on her own way to a good life.

When Annalise talked to Joseph about it, he exploded. Apparently he wanted a trophy wife. She looked at the tickets in her hand and pursed her lips. Was it a bad thing that she was running?

Annalise shook her head it was better to leave and start a new life and a new career as an Author. She handed the flight attendant my ticket, and boarded the plane, and that’s when she saw him. Her seat partner.

He was tall, muscular under his tight sweater. When he turned to her, he smiled, showing straight white teeth.

“Looks like we’re buddies.” Annalise told him.

“You first.” He said in a thick Scottish accent.

Annalise shook her head. “I don’t ride by the windows.”

He nodded and scooted into the seat by the window. He was fast asleep an hour later when she pulled her laptop out and opened her book and started writing. Annalise looked at her buddy as he slept. He was handsome, and he held a tan very well, unlike her. What was his name? Was he from Scotland? Annalise shook her head at that last question. Of course he is from Scotland, you idiot! She was glad he wasn’t awake or her blush would be an indicator that she was thinking about him.

The plane shook with some turbulence, the captain said, and Annalise took in a breath of air and held it. Oh god, oh god. Why did it have to be a freaking plane! She felt a warm hand on hers, and she turned to find her plane buddy holding it and smiling at her.

“Just a bunch of wind is all. Don’t fret, now breathe before you cause yourself to faint.” He told her and she relaxed and let out the breath she had been holding.

“What’s your name?” Annalise asked him an hour later as she worked.

“Lachlan, and you?”


Lachlan smiled. Annalise went back to her work, not wanting him to see how much his smile, green eyes, and handsome face got to her. She was pretty, but not beautiful by any means, and she doubted he felt the way she did when she stared at him. What is this stalker central? Your acting lovesick and you barely know the man. Another hour passed, and Lachlan was back to sleep beside her. Whatever he did for a living must be tiring. The rest of the flight went by without a word from either until Scotland when Lachlan said his goodbye.

Her Dad was waiting with his driver by his limo smoking a cigarette when Annalise walked out of the airport. They both fought over opening the door until the driver relented. Dad didn’t like being waited on hand and foot, that wasn’t his style even though he was a very important person. That’s just how it worked. Annalise climbed into the back seat, and dad put out his cigarette and followed.

“How was the flight dove?” He asked, using his nickname for her.

“It was alright.” Annalise told him, not mentioning Lachlan keeping her calm for part of the flight. She didn’t like to bare her emotions to him, it felt weak.

Dad nodded and quickly pulled his phone out as a call came through. One to be working. He had to take this call. Annalise looked out the window as buildings passed her. It was definitely different from Seattle; she hadn’t remembered just how different it could be. Hopefully, it rejuvenated the muse and kept her far away from Joseph. She hadn’t blocked him from her phone yet, but she also knew he likely would not be texting or calling.

Dad hung up the phone and turned to her. “You’ll be staying at the mansion.”

“Why do I have to stay there? I can just get my place.”

“Because I want you to stay, I need someone watching the place, and helping with the upcoming parties. I can’t be in two places at once.” He explained to her.

“So I am to be the hostess to these parties? What about my book? I am on deadline dad.”

“I thought of that, and I also thought that you should take a break. I am not ready to approve the book, Joseph might find you here and I want you safe.”

“Approve my book? You’re not my ed—Oh no, you bought the damn publishing house, didn’t you?”

Dad nodded and gave her a deep smile. “I bought it for you. It was a surprise, and I blew it. We are building a new one here in Scotland. That was a surprise too, I am two for two today. Sorry, a lot on my mind.”

“You can’t keep doing this, every time I have come close to getting this book published and you just keep on finding excuses for me not finishing it. Dad, I am going to finish and publish this book and there is nothing you can do or say.”

Dad nodded. “Thought you might say that, okay Dove, if that’s what you want. But we need to not give information out, I want you safe, so for now no blurb with your whereabouts. Deal?”

Annalise sighed. “Deal.”

Annalise dumped her bags in the room that she grew up in. It was an enormous room, with a California queen sized bed, chandelier, multiple wardrobes, and a big walk-in closet. I filled the room with her high school stuff, and multiple pictures with her mom and dad when her mom had been alive, and they’d lived in Seattle. Annalise smiled as she took a picture of her mom from the corkboard next to her desk. Mom had been beautiful, with long red hair, and beautiful green eyes and freckles on her skin. Sometimes she had talked Dad into going out for the night to Paris, or to Egypt for a weekend. She’d been an extravagant spender, and an obsessed reader of books. Before she’d met dad, she had been a travel writer. That was the reason Annalise wanted to be an Author.

Annalise wiped the tears from her face. Mom w in their apartment in Seattle, exactly one month after Dad and her divorced. There had been no leads, and the case had grown cold. Annalise put the picture back on the desk. It was a memory she rarely let herself remember, because she had been the one to find her that day after school. Annalise shook her head to rid herself of the memory and unpacked her things. She would finish here and go for a jog before she had to hit the keyboard.


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